free Parent webinar  

Creating a benefit mindset at home - 


Tuesday 3rd March


45 Minutes with live Q & A

Join Grow your mind co-founder Kristina Freeman and POSITIVE DISCIPLINE EDUCATOR & MONTESSORI TEACHER PRUE LIGER for this exciting webinar

2021 is already off and racing. Before we find ourselves slipping back into the busy pace of life, where we feel the burdens of the "job of parenting", let's lay some foundations for a team approach to the running of the everyday family life. 

What will be covered in this webinar:

  • BENEFIT MINDSET-  what it is and how you can encourage it in your home:

  1. Fostering a sense of responsibility
  2. Understanding your family's individual strengths and how they might work together.
  3. Family meetings - strategies for running non painful yet productive ones!

this webinar is for you if YOU feel any one of these things: 

  • CURIOUS about how to inspire your children to want to be more helpful
  • MOTIVATED to bring more joy into the everyday life of 'parenting'
  • UNSURE about how to handover responsibility to your children
  • SEARCHING for ways to cultivate a benefit mindset in your family

Grow Your Mind is an evidence-based wellbeing program for schools and families. We want all children, teachers and parents to know the positive strategies you can use to nurture and protect your mental health. Over 90% of children who have been taught our program reported a higher level of confidence in taking care of their wellbeing as did teachers who undertook our accredited NESA course. Grow Your Mind is used in over 300 schools in Australia and abroad. We are dedicated to teaching children, educators and families about the importance of looking after their mental health and evidence-based ways they can nurture good mental health.


Prue is a positive discipline educator, Montessori teacher and mother of 4. She has been teaching positive discipline for over ten years in partnership with her husband Freddie. Prue is passionate about conscious self growth, partnership, parenting and learning from her mistakes which she makes plenty of. She is dedicated to helping parents find joy in parenting and currently is working as a baby and toddler Montessori Guide. 

Hear from some our our parents that have used Grow Your Mind at home:

"Flustered by the morning rush, my 9 year old son instructs me to stop, put my hand on my heart and take three deep anchor breaths. Grow Your Mind flows from the classroom into our family home. My boys regularly surprise my husband and me with the mature insights they gain from the programme. Through them, we are learning to be more mindful and to practice good mental health. My boys are displaying resilience and courage, and in turn they are inspiring us as their parents to put the same principles into practice. We are all benefiting from Grow Your Mind."
Melanie (Mother of 2)

"Grow Your Mind has been so valuable in helping my children understand their emotions and how to improve control over them. Our family wellbeing is indebted to them. "
Floria (Mother of 2 )