free Parent webinar  

Fostering creativity in your family

Tuesday 28th July 


45 Minutes with live Q & A

Join Grow your mind co-founder Kristina Freeman and Podcast Producer Lisa taylor in this exciting webinar

So what does CREATIVITY have to do with mental health? At Grow Your Mind creativity plays a major role in how we make often complex and tricky topics digestible, easy to speak about and relatable. But creativity itself is also an important ingredient when it comes to supporting the mental health in your family. Creativity can help you find a  state of 'flow', which has been shown to have positive effects on both physical and mental health such as boosting your mood and reducing your heart rate. 

What will be covered in this webinar:

  • THE HEAD - Unpacking common attitudes towards creativity and how we are in fact all creative. What is creativity's relationship with mindset and why more than ever it's vital we dedicate ourselves to fostering creativity and imagination. 
  • THE HUMERUS - Is your funny bone broken? Could play, silliness and making mistakes be the gateway to creativity and how might this impact mental health.  
  • THE HOME - What a creative household might look and feel like. How to creatively enable your kids to share the domestic load and what the creative ‘heat map’ of your home looks like. Plus, how can we use technology to extend our children’s imaginations?
  • THE HEART - How to reclaim your creativity, that creativity doesn’t live in our comfort zone and that the future looks brighter through creative-coloured glasses.  

this webinar is for you if YOU feel any one of these things: 

  • INSPIRED to find ways to encourage your child not to give up easily when it comes to creative pursuits. 
  • EXCITED to learn ways to boost creativity in your family home.
  • CONCERNED  that craft and creative projects are a recipe for mess and chaos in your household and you don't have time for it.
  • WORRIED about how technology is encroaching on your child's creatively or want to better understand how to use it to better support your child's creativity.  
  • FRUSTRATED about your lack of your own creative expression. 
  • OVERWHELMED with where to even begin to support creative thinking in your home.

Grow Your Mind is an evidence-based wellbeing program for schools and families. We want all children, teachers and parents to know the positive strategies you can use to nurture and protect your mental health. Over 90% of children who have been taught our program reported a higher level of confidence in taking care of their wellbeing as did teachers who undertook our accredited NESA course. Grow Your Mind is used in over 300 schools in Australia and abroad. We are dedicated to teaching children, educators and families about the importance of looking after their mental health and evidence-based ways they can nurture good mental health. . 

Hear from some our our parents that have used Grow Your Mind at home:

"Flustered by the morning rush, my 9 year old son instructs me to stop, put my hand on my heart and take three deep anchor breaths. Grow Your Mind flows from the classroom into our family home. My boys regularly surprise my husband and me with the mature insights they gain from the programme. Through them, we are learning to be more mindful and to practice good mental health. My boys are displaying resilience and courage, and in turn they are inspiring us as their parents to put the same principles into practice. We are all benefiting from Grow Your Mind."
Melanie (Mother of 2)

"The Grow Your Mind podcast has been such a great gateway for Toby to have a chat with me in the car on the way to school. No quizzing him straight up about life but once we've settled in and listened to the podcast it seems to naturally spark something in him to chat more easily about his own world"
 Peta (Mother of 3 )