free Educators webinar on

embedding wellbeing using Grow Your Mind Digital for teachers

Wednesday 26th August 


45 Minutes with Q & A at the end

Join Grow your mind co-founder and director of education Alice Peel for this infORmative and inspiring webinar

Grow Your Mind is an evidence-based wellbeing program for schools and families. We want all children, teachers and parents to know the positive strategies you can use to nurture and protect your mental health. Grow Your Mind is used by over 1500+ Educators, 45000+ students and 1000+ families in Australia and abroadOver 90% of children who have been taught our program reported a higher level of confidence in taking care of their wellbeing as did teachers who undertook our accredited NESA course. We are dedicated to teaching children, educators and families about the importance of looking after their mental health and evidence-based ways they can nurture good mental health.

What will be covered in this webinar:

  • THE GROW YOUR MIND LANGUAGE - Building brain awareness; Mental health - what it is and is not; Flourishing vs happiness
  •  EVERYDAY WELLBEING TOOLS - Making Micro Moments; Emotional literacy builders; Flip to Flourish; Speedy Student Reflections
  • EMBED IT ACROSS THE CURRICULUM - Literacy - our strengths spotter + respectful relationship tracker; Numeracy - growth mindset; STEM - Be Of Benefit
  • A WHOLE OF SCHOOL APPROACH - Parents + carers - slides for families; School staff - designated teacher wellbeing; Community - webinars
  • ENGAGING CONTENT - The Grow Your Mind podcast; Guess Who character strengths project; Videos


Alice Peel is the co-founder of Grow Your Mind, a primary school teacher with a background in public health, mindfulness and positive psychology. Alice writes all of the educational content for Grow Your Mind, including the GYM podcast. She has made it her mission in life to make wellbeing engaging for students and easy to teach and refer to for teachers and parents.

this webinar is for you if YOU ARE: 

  • A GROW YOUR MIND DIGITAL SUBSCRIBER wanting to get the most out of the digital resources. 
  • AN TEACHER ALREADY USING GROW YOUR MIND PHYSICAL RESOURCES and thinking of investing in a digital subscription but wants to know more about how it works alongside the physical resources
  • AN EDUCATOR LOOKING FOR WELLBEING RESOURCES and wanting to find our more about what Grow Your Mind has to offer 
  • JUST INTERESTED  in positive education and wellbeing resources 

Hear from some oF the educators that use Grow Your Mind:

Grow Your Mind has been embraced by the Clovelly Public School community to help build social and emotional skills and in turn nurture other positive, caring and respectful relationships. The resources that support the program are well researched, age-appropriate and have assisted us in bringing mental health awareness into the classroom
Matthew Jackman Principal

There is so much about Grow Your Mind that makes my life easier as a Kindergarten teacher. For a start, students can often help each other out of a problem before needing me to 'fix' it for them. Particularly when the problem requires a more optimistic mindset. I also appreciate the fact that students learn ways to emotionally regulate. The playful animal analogies, the stunning physical and digital resources make my every day teaching easier.
Sophie Wadsworth Kindergarten Teacher

I use the Grow Your Mind digital every time I teach mental health in my classroom. I use the digital posters as they are very visually appealing and the smart board allows the posters to be large and this is important as I teach a year 1-2 class.
We always start our lesson with the Guess Who’s which allows my students to identify the character strengths. My students absolutely love this! I use the mini lesson videos where possible as they are eye catching and visual. I love to use the daily wellbeing check as it is engaging and interactive. The digital resource is very easy to use and has new content regularly updated.
Phoebe Davidson Rural Primary School Teacher

What is in the Digital For Teachers:

✅ A comprehensive library of assets including 12 lesson plans + units of work, 8+ podcast episodes with student journals, emotional literacy tools, 20 bite size video lessons with supporting learning materials, 16+ Guess Who character strength videos, 60 daily wellbeing questions, a comprehensive guide for how to use Grow Your Mind effectively.

PLUS MUCH MORE including -

✅ A dedicated teacher wellbeing page with video, printable cards, reflection questions and screensavers 

✅ A dedicated parent + carers page with slides to present to your community plus links to FREE parent webinars

✅ Engaging, interactive and playful visual resources 

✅ An easy to use wellbeing resource for teachers that has content updated regularly

✅ Flexible educational bites you can use throughout the school day (no rigid modules) 

✅ Excellent customer service and ongoing support.