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Make your own Chatterbox, colour in your Guard Dog, find some strengths in our Find-A-Word or watch one of our videos lessons. At Grow Your Mind we are all about paying it forward, so enjoy some free resources on us, it’s time to flourish! 

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Colour me in

Enjoy some mindful colouring in time that furthers develops an understanding of some key Grow Your Mind messages, including brain awareness, enriching our podcast episode messages and growth mindset.

Friendship Fun

A range of fun and practical activities that open up conversations about healthy, relationships and connection. 

 Books we love

Looking for more fun ways to embed Grow Your Mind at home? Your can't look past a good story. Let us know if you have other recommendations!



Enjoy a good find a word while building emotional literacy, among other skills.

Character Strengths

Video lessons on key positive psychology areas 
Free community webinars -
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