It's going to be ok - Puberty and Adolescence (self-led)

It's going to be ok - Puberty and Adolescence (self-led)

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Puberty and the path to adolescence is a time of enormous change in the brain. Known as a period of emotional storm and stress, of poor decision making and risky behaviour. On top of that, poor mental health starts to appear and the gender divide emerges, for every 3 cases of depression, 2 are young women. However, this is also a time of enormous learning potential.  This means there is an opportunity for educators and parents to nurture, protect and build essential emotional closeness with the young people in their lives.

This course is for any educator or parent who is curious to learn more about supporting this period of exquisite learning for the children in their care. We dive into what we can and can't control as educators and parents, linking it to neuroscience research and a fantastic model of brain health.

Topics covered include:

- emotional regulation techniques

- encouraging safe risks

- positive reappraisal tips

- encouraging body gratitude

- cultivating emotional closeness

- conflict resolution techniques and identifying what makes for a healthy friendship

- sleep, exercise and self-compassion