A cultural shift in how we think about mental health

Let us begin by saying: BRING IT ON!

BRING ON the National Children's Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy, an initiative of the Australian Government's National Mental Health Commission. 

BRING ON the fact that this is the first time a national government has developed a strategy that considers mental health and wellbeing outcomes for children from birth to 12 years of age, as well as their families and communities who nurture them. 

BRING ON a strong proactive stance will help our young people to become more mentally healthy and resilient.

BRING ON a shift in the language, adopting a continuum-based model of mental health and wellbeing. (Which we as a social venture  we have been trying to spotlight for years - we all have mental health!)


mental health continuum

"The continuum approach highlights that there are opportunities to promote improved wellbeing and possibly intervene before a child becomes unwell. It also focuses on a child’s functioning rather than diagnosis.  As many of you will know, this continuum model is fundamental to Positive Psychology theory." 
Marita Hayes-Brown, CEO of PESA

We too believe we are all on a continuum when it comes to mental health. Our focus at Grow Your Mind is on teaching kids coping skills and the simple actions we can take to be proactive in feeling well and with any luck flourish. 

And finally:

BRING ON the concept that we ALL have a role to play in the mental health and wellbeing of our children.

What that looks like for us at Grow Your Mind:

  • Educators  + parents knowing and applying positive mental health habits to themselves
  • Educators + parents teaching and embedding positive mental health habits into their wellbeing culture
  • Students knowing how to proactively look after their mental health and have a range of coping skills to use when things go poorly for them.
  • Educators, school staff, parents and community members knowing where and how to get help when a child is not coping
  • Brilliant initiatives like the Kids Helpline being used and supported widely

And SO much more!

For us at Grow Your Mind though we are just THRILLED that the focus of this strategy is on keeping the child well and not just reacting when they are unwell!
In 2019 we wrote a blog on reclaiming mental health AND on using a continuum approach to mental health!

Visit us and see our reason for being - reclaiming the term mental health!

FYI: The strategy has four areas of focus: family and community, the service system, education settings, and evidence and evaluation. It’s underpinned by eight key principles, which include prioritising the interests and needs of children, equity of access, and providing services that are developmentally and culturally appropriate. Read more here