Consent Education PD (self -led)

Consent Education PD (self -led)

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Consent education is mandatory across all schools as of 2023. This is fantastic, but what does that mean for our already busy and overloaded educators?! Where do you begin?

You begin with our one-hour professional development!  And from there we have done the work for you with our comprehensive consent tile. 

The consent course aims to help you:

  • Know the golden rules of consent
  • Understand the building blocks necessary to be able to consent and ask for permission
  • Become familiar with our scope and sequence and lesson plans
  • Explore our consent tile of learning activities, songs, episodes and activities
  • Practice and play with some of the fantastic resources we have created 
This pre-recorded course is light, playful and provides numerous hands-on activities. Do it alone or at the same time as your colleagues.