free Parent wellbeing webinar  


Wednesday 27th May 


45 Minutes with live Q & A

During this significant period of global change and uncertainty it is more important than ever that PARENTS nurture their own wellbeing. Creating stability in the family home and building your children’s resilience requires enormous amounts of strength and energy. We cannot take care of our children if we are not looking after ourselves. 

ARE you feeling? 

  • UNCERTAIN about having your children return to school 
  • FRUSTRATED by another change having finally found a family rhythm 
  • WORRIED about the uncertainty of more school closures 
  • CONCERNED your child is anxious about returning to school, how to socially distance and what the new way of doing things may be like 
  • OVERWHELMED with managing your own return to work and an unstable school learning environment.

Grow Your Mind is here to support you.

This 45 Minute seminar you will help you:

  • MAINTAIN  positive mental health strategies for helping you smoothly navigate changes
  • OFFER key ingredients for filling your own cup and the research behind why it's important 
  • PROVIDE evidence based calm down' tools for yourself as a parent 
  • GIVE YOU strategies for developing family wellbeing and resilience
  • LIVE facilitation from our leading expert and program creators Alice Peel (NSW accredited teacher with a Masters in Public Health) and Kristina Freeman (Acupuncturist with a focus in mental health support, women's and children's health)

Grow Your Mind is an evidence-based wellbeing program for schools and families. We want all children, teachers and parents to know the positive strategies you can use to nurture and protect your mental health. Over 90% of children who have been taught our program reported a higher level of confidence in taking care of their wellbeing as did teachers who undertook our accredited NESA course.

Grow Your Mind is used in over 250 schools in Australia and abroad. We are dedicated to teaching children, educators and families about the importance of looking after their mental health and evidence-based ways they can nurture good mental health. Our vision is that children in Australia learn key skills that build resilience and good mental health from a young age. That their educators and families feel confident to nurture these skills in their children and themselves. 

Hear from some our our parents that have used Grow Your Mind at home:

"Grow Your Mind has been so valuable in helping my children understand their emotions and how to improve control over them. Our family wellbeing is indebted them." 
Floria (mother of 2)

"It is amazing how Grow Your Mind has made content based on the latest evidence-based research on neuroscience and positive psychology accessible. There is not a day where one of my children don't refer to the knowledge they have learnt, strategy or story that has been taught to them by Grow Your Mind."
 Lucy (mother of 3)