teacher wellbeing

Welcome to the Grow Your Mind Teacher Wellbeing and Whole School Mental Health support page. There are a few things we encourage you to have ready before you begin watching the online course.

1. Print or have open our Teacher Wellbeing Reflection Workbook. 

You will need to pause the presentation at 12 different places to complete your reflections. 

Each reflection takes between 3 to 15 minutes to complete 

2. Make sure the link to The Struggle Switch is working

the struggle switch

 Can you identify with any of the messaging in it? Which part?

3. Print or have open our list of values for easy reference (these are also in your workbook so you can just use them in there.)

Values are different from character strengths, although they may overlap.

Optional: staff appreciation cards. As a profession teaching can feel a little under valued at times. A way to balance the scales is to start noticing and appreciating the people around you. Download these appreciation cards and set yourself a challenge to leave them on a different staff member's desk once a week.

Optional: save this JPEG as a reminder to keep filling  cup

Is there anything from our Quick Ways to Fill Your Cup that you currently do?

Is there anything you could try doing this week?

Optional: complete these additional wellbeing reflection questions after finishing the course

1. This week keep track of the things that bring you joy, the people that you feel good around, the music you enjoy listening to. Simply notice and record these moments down.

2. Think about someone who you love to be around, picture the feelings you have when you are with them. Savour this reflection. Can you try this once a day?

3. Can you try moving your body every single day this week? Is there someone at work you can team up with to do it together?

4. Where in the week can you practice using the RAIN acronym?