“Grow Your Mind has been running at our school for a term. My daughter has been talking about looking after her mental health as well as fascinating facts about her amygdala, prefrontal cortex, hippocampus and her RAS 

 She is 7. I am amazed.” 

- Rebecca Massey

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School Psychologist, 

Loreto Kirribilli NSW

"These beautifully presented resources are inspiring! They make positive psychology concepts so accessible – offering playful ways for teachers and therapists to explain concepts to young people, and help students understand how they can help keep their minds healthy. 

It is great having the flexibility to use the goodies in the kits either in the context of a formal lesson or just incidentally in the classroom when the need arises. 

Thanks for making teaching these important messages so much fun." 

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Assistant Principal, 

Malabar NSW

"We have implemented Grow Your Mind at Malabar Public School this year. It has been such a beautiful, positive and easy to use program for our teachers and students.

The posters and artworks are divine and the concepts and lessons are evidence based in Positive Psychology. It has been a joy to work with Alice as she presented professional learning for teachers and parents and demonstrated how Grow Your Mind lessons can be done in the classroom.

Thank you so much for enabling us to implement Positive Education at Malabar Public School."

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Mental health ambassador, mindfulness and meditation coach and mother

"This program is amazing for what it does in our childcares and schools. If we can teach our kids these skills at a young age - we will set them up for resilience, improved mental health and success for their life."

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Father of Santino, 8 years old

Our son gets the resources out regularly and makes up games using the cards, his favourite is to place all the cards facing up, the aim of the game is to guess what the feeling is, whoever has the most cards at the end wins.

The real win in this game is the opportunity we get while playing to discuss our feelings and if we have experienced these in real life and how we have or how we can deal with them in the future.”

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Junior School Curriculum Coordinator & Year 5 Teacher

"Grow Your Mind has been a wonderful addition to our Positive Education programme and complements the new NESA PDHPE syllabus. It is wonderful to have a common language and to hear our students and teachers use this language in the classroom and playground when solving problems. 

 We encourage our parents to take on this language at home and find our parent workshops are crucial to strengthening our education partnership with families."