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“Around the age of 3 my daughter started struggling with some big emotions, so I made a kit for her. One that provided objects and games to help her understand what she was feeling, offer some playful ideas to support her to calm down in a tricky moment and recognise the good things going on around her. I liked the idea of a kit, we have always had a first aid kit close at hand, why not one for our emotional health too.” 
 Kristina Freeman, Co-Founder of Grow Your Mind

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home kit

Home kit

Developed for three year olds and up, this is a treasure trove of playful objects, games, guidebooks and sensorial experiences to educate and empower children about their brain and emotions.

The Grow Your Mind home kit includes 

    • Welcome to Grow Your Mind Ebook, sent to you via email. 
  • This ebook introduces the key concepts of Grow Your Mind, will support you to get the most out of your kit, talk you through each of the elements and include a printable activities section. This will allow us to keep you updated when with the latest from Grow Your Mind.  (ipad not included)                                                 
  • Flip to Flourish guidebook
  • Gratitude journal                              
  • Know and Grow a Strengths Poster (art hanger not included) 
  • Breathing styles treasure wheel
  • Pack of Feelings flashcards                                                               
  • Dice for dicey situations
  • Catastrophe scale fridge magnet
  • Happy hands and heart scented playdough

Please note the kit does not come with an ipad or art hanger 



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We have started running free webinars to support families in better understanding the diverse ways we can flourish through life's ups and downs. Click below to find out more about the content of past webinars and register to watch a replay. 


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